About Kathryn Bonney

I have always been a very curious person.

Life has always been a vast exploration (looking at you Captain Kirk).

At age 17- I read a book called The Aladdin Factor. Wrote a list of the 101 things I wanted to do with my life. Put it away for ten years only to discover that most of it had come true. My lifelong dream was to visit every country in the world- slip on a backpack and just go. See what could unfold. Always ready for the next great adventure.

But the thoughts always held me back. The thinking of who I thought I should be- rather than accepting myself as I am.

So the focus of life became about fixing the problem of me.

I looked in every direction I could find.

Certain that the answers lived out there- if I simply found the right book, proper lesson, real teacher, did the pose correctly, studied even hard, knew better.

All of that thinking created a life of unhappiness.


The picture of my life was good - a successful business, a loving husband, a beautiful baby - but I was blind to all of it.

So trapped in my head all I could see was the problems.

It became an obsession.

Life got heavy, and something to fear. The constant low level of worry became deafening.

My only coping technique was to create a feeling of control.

I would use my intellect - my powerful personal mind to create solutions to these problems.

As if total mastery would allow me the illusion of control, or insulate me from impact. If I knew everything there was to know about it, I would be safe.

My research abilities are legend.

But this did not actually work.

The more I learned, the more complicated the problems became.

And then it all changed. I consciously reached out for some new thinking - a telesummit with Hay House authors and a new voice. Just listening to the auto recording I felt a shift. A feeling. Something so foreign, so unfamiliar it took years to finally describe it.



This man shared the understanding and it gave me hope.

Five years would pass before I got brave enough to go meet this teacher. A journey to Scotland with my four month old infant son- led to a four day intensive filled with insights and clarity. Simple truths about innate health and mental well being. Exploring the truth of thought- seeing through new thinking at the same life.

Looking deeper- I dived in the teachings of Michael Neill-Create the Impossible- learning how the understanding can take form and manifest in the world. Two years of exploration- seeing past the stories I had created- the meaning I made of life.

The last seven months have been the most impactful.

Training with Nicola Bird & John El Mokadem as A Little Peace of Mind practitioner- both personally and as a coach. After 70+ hours of coaching supervision I can finally articulate what it is I see about the understanding. Get really present to life and relax.

My life as it shows up now is a beautiful feeling. My parenting, my marriage, my relationships with family, friends, money, and my physical body. I have finally seen what is really on offer for this experience called life- and feel blessed to be able to share that feeling with my coaching clients.


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