Living from the Inside Out

A feeling of simplicity and freedom.
The description of how life actually works.
A totally new experience of life.

How do I?


What Do I Do?


But What About?

The innocent questions

This is how the world shows up.
I see a problem and look for a solution.
But my answers are limited to my personal experience.
I can only respond with what I know.

The innocent misunderstanding

The world as I have been taught comes from the outside in.
Feelings come from the outside of me.
Thought can be controlled.
It is up to me to make my life happen.
I am in control.
There is always something to do, to fix, sort out, a problem to solve, or answer to uncover.
And that my inability to do it right is the source of my unhappiness.

The Prescription Exists

Get present.
Live in the now.
Go within.
Be still.

But what does this actually mean?
Every major religion and belief has pointed to this wisdom as the path to happiness.
But how do we actually do it?
What does it take?
It is a feeling.
The truth about how life simply works.
For every single one of us.

Allow me to share with you what I have seen. 

Slow your thinking and find clarity.
Get present to the experience of life that comes from the inside out.

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